He is Risen!

Those are probably the most profound words ever spoken – after “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

This week let’s take time to relive the Easter story.

The busyness of life and watered-down faith traditions can obscure the power of what Jesus the Messiah did for all people. This week, imagine the scenes anew by putting yourself into the stories.

Read John 12: 12 – 19 and rejoice with the people as they followed the man named Yeshua (Jesus) on a young donkey down from the Mount of Olives into Jerusalem.

“Hosanna! Blessed is the King of Israel”  

They believed that He was the King prophesied many centuries earlier who would rescue them from the slavery of the Roman government. The religious leaders in the temple were alarmed about losing their hold on the people.

All four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell the awful story of His arrest, “trial” and crucifixion. (Read John chapters 18 and 19) Imagine the anguish that His family and the disciples – His friends – must have felt as they saw their teacher suffer and die.

Now read the part where a few of His closest friends went to the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body for proper burial in John 20: 1 – 9.

Angels celebrated His birth, comforted Him in the wilderness and now made sure that He wasn’t stolen by grave robbers. He wasn’t dead but alive!

The story may be familiar but every year it feels new and an amazing possibility for us. Jesus is not just alive for Himself. He rose so that He could rescue us from the slavery of the “prince of this world”.

Our slavery isn’t chains and whips. Our chains are belief systems we structure based on the difficult situations we experience as we stumble through life. Emotions, poor decisions, blame, a lack of forgiveness all flow from these beliefs. 

Jesus Christ died so that we could be set free. Believe in Jesus and ask Him to live in your heart. It’s so easy, even a little child can do it. The hard part comes after that decision…

Walking with Him every day – for the rest of your life.

We do that by getting to know Him through the Bible stories. Talking to Him (pray without ceasing) and of course, that means listening as well as talking, forgiving as He forgives us, taking care of His children, our family members, neighbours, the poor, people around the world etc…every day.


It’s time to celebrate! Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

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