About Marnie

Marnie Spencelayh is a woman of many talents!

She founded and built two independent schools in Victoria and for over 30 years has helped solve relationship disagreements, encouraged personal growth, inspired kids to get along, and worked with parents and teachers to pull the best out of each student! She is a mother, a grandmother, business woman and is about to launch her first book Flourish in a World Full of People.

Her purpose for becoming an author and motivational speaker is to help you build better relationships while living life to the fullest.

I have known Marnie for over 35 years as a close personal friend.  Her constancy, honesty, wisdom, and love have challenged me, made me re-evaluate my beliefs and actions, and pulled me into a better place
many times in my life.  I would be a different person without Marnie in my life.  Her input has helped make me who I am today.

Pat S.

I have had great inspiration and learning by working with Marnie. She hired me as a teacher at Lighthouse Christian Academy. As my principal I admired her ability to collaborate, communicate, and to share and inspire a collective vision with students, staff, and parents. She is a mother and friend to many and certainly demonstrates (models?) what it looks like to flourish in a world full of people.

Helena P.

I have heard Marnie speak to both small and large groups and have always come away with tidbits to ponder. She loves people and loves encouraging them.

Susan D.

Marnie is a visionary who lives her faith and lights up a room. She is a women who never gave in to the idea that leadership is reserved for the male species. She is funny she is full of wisdom and best of all she is Marnie.

Doug K.

Marnie is a kind, caring person who listens to her heart when speaking to all those in her life. She will bless you as you listen to her speaking on relationships.

Margaret M.