Flourish in a World Full of People

Getting along with people can be challenging. We all interact with people every day. Your kids, best friends, co-workers, extended family, the loud guy on his cell phone, the crazy driver, neighbors, people in line, and (no surprise) your significant other.

How do you learn the best way to find peace in your life no matter what the people around you do or don’t do?

If we could get along with everyone without ever losing peace, and patience, life would be great, but we all know that is not reality. You deal with situations that range from annoying to downright confrontational. Without dealing with each frustration, the next one is magnified until the smallest comment can set us off.

Flourish in a World Full of People, published June 2019, offers stories about getting along with others, from Marnie Spencelayh’s life as a teacher, principal, friend, mother and grandmother. In this book, you will find tips, suggestions and activities to improve your life and relationships. Purchase your copy now!

Flourish in a World Full of People can help you to deal with these unique and frustrating situations and give you steps to diffuse difficult interactions.

I always thought anchorite monks – those gaunt men who lived alone in desert caves or atop stone pillars – had it easy. Sainthood would we a snap if only I didn’t have to deal with people – lazy people, angry people, needy people. But then again, I myself can be all those things – lazy, angry, needy – and everywhere I go, there I am. That’s where Marnie Spencelayh’s book is so good. It’s about thriving in a world that spins and spins, about having a deep soul no matter what pressures bear down on us. Mostly, thankfully, it’s about being fully alive in spite of what others do, and – indeed – being fully alive for the sake of those others. If you wish to flourish in a busy crowded world, and living in a cave isn’t an option, I heartily recommend Marnie’s book.

Mark Buchanan – author of The Rest of God and God Speed

Marnie’s real-life stories and insightful reflections will invite you into a life of expansive freedom and joy. If you desire to experience an increase of peace and develop a spirit of resiliency, you will be moved forward by Marnie’s guide to help you flourish. Marnie has developed her own mindset for thriving, and through her personal experiences of frustration, grief, suffering, loss, victories, surprises and faith – Marnie graciously shares her story with you, so you can open your heart, mind and soul to new possibilities too – as you discover, daily, how to flourish in a world of people.

Kaitlyn Cey – Pastor, teacher, motivational speaker

On the subject of relationships, Marnie Spencelayh’s book Flourish in a World of People is like the Cole’s Notes. Spencelayh takes relationship lessons she has learned from her experiences as a student, teacher, principal, founder of two independent schools, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend, and woman of faith, and shows us how to apply them to our own lives. Using anecdotes from her life, she illustrates the importance of human interaction mainstays like listening, communicating, having a positive attitude, knowing when to say no, being thankful, forgiving, laughing, and more.

Violet Nesdoly – Freelance writer and author

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