Live on Purpose

I once dreamed of becoming a famous movie star going to dances in beautiful dresses! The dream didn’t last long because I didn’t love acting in a play at summer camp. Life (and grownups) sometimes unwittingly convince us that our dreams are impossible.

Do you remember your purpose?

For children, being a ballet dancer, policemen, hockey star, teacher, astronaut or driving big trucks seem exciting and equally possible. My dreams have changed many times over the years but the core of who I am hasn’t.

I remember as a 10-year-old wanting to stay that age forever because life was carefree and easy. We lived on an army base in Ontario where I took lessons in skating, swimming, and ballet. There were big fields for unorganized baseball, or homemade skating rinks. The low traffic roads were perfect for bike riding and there were lots of kids living there!

In reliving those memories, I can see some of the gifts God gave me. I have always been a leader. I had creative ideas for games and pretend dramas. I loved figure skating, public speaking and reading books.

Me – Circa 1963

This might be a good time in your life to take a stroll through your memories and see what comes up.

Even if you know your giftings, it’s fun to go on this treasure hunt. You’re looking for nuggets that show you who you are created to be and what gifts and talents you haven’t used yet. Make a list and add whatever surfaces during the next few days.

Some of those once sparkly dreams might be buried under layers of hurt and pain caused by someone who “should have known better”. Today, look at that pain. Allow yourself to really see what happened .

Forgive whoever was involved. Forgive yourself and thank God for that experience because it is part of who you are today. Of course, forgiveness isn’t easy, and you may need help from a counselor but finding freedom is important to finding your purpose. When you have forgiven, let it go like a helium balloon

“I believe you can do more than you’ve imagined so far. Regardless of your age, there is always more life.” This is a quote from my book, Flourish in a World Full of People. If I were to rewrite the book now, I would change it to “…we can all do more than we’ve imagined so far.”

Dust off your childhood dreams. It’s never too late.

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