A Woman of Faith

“.. God created man(kind) in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. ”Genesis 1: 27

That is an amazing thought – that we are created in God’s image. Each of us is special, of great value in His sight.

I have mentioned my mother, Dorothy Dobson, many times in my writing because she has influenced me more than anyone else. When she was in her eighties, she wrote a book called, A Journey Through the Bible, then after she was ninety, she felt it needed editing, so she retyped the whole thing.

A Journey Through the Bible takes the reader from Genesis to Revelation through Mom’s daily “quiet times”. Here is an excerpt:

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. (Genesis 8: 22)

When I crawl into bed at night and think about how I’ve been doing this over and over again all my life, I’m amazed at how quickly the days pass and soon add up to years. Really, life is very short when I consider all of history. What a shame it is to waste any time in useless attitudes like self-pity or complaining!

Mom had a passion for children which led her into teaching school and raising four kids! She was the first principal at age 69 of the Christian school we started and took many trips after she was 80 to Israel, Europe and Central America as well as several mission trips, to work with teachers in Africa and Kazakhstan.

Mom is 102 years old. She is still the positive, encouraging, cheerful woman many people have loved. She sleeps a lot and doesn’t add to conversations now, although I don’t think she misses much when her family are talking around her! She still says, “Bless you” instead of “Goodbye”!

This weekend we celebrate mothers. The very fact that you are alive means that your mom (or stepmom or adoptive mom or grandma) cared enough to feed you, challenge you, encourage you, even disagree with you and punish you!

I wish all women a Happy Mothers’ Day whether you have birthed children or not. You care for and encourage others and you were created by our loving God…in His image.

To order A Journey Through the Bible, reply to this email with your address. We will send a donation to the mission organization, Classrooms for Africa, from the sale of every book.

Cost: $20 for the book (plus shipping)

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