The Journey Begins

The perspective from a school principal’s office is somewhat unique. While managing the vision and direction of the whole school, I met with hundreds of individuals. We solved problems, created events, took field trips, even planned and executed a few moves to new locations – together.

My career as a teacher led me to northern British Columbia and back to Vancouver Island. With the help and encouragement of my mother, Dorothy Dobson, I founded and ran two independent schools in Victoria, BC Canada. My job was to teach and mentor, but I usually learned more than my students – about relationships and getting along in life.

Since relationships are central to all of us, I have written a book that I hope will cause you to think about your own interactions with people while you read about some of my experiences.

The title of this book is Flourish in a World Full of People because, just like plants that grow out of rocks and bloom there, so you can grow and blossom no matter how your past or current circumstances feel.

Officially launching in the June 2019 if you subscribe now, you will receive advance notice for presales as well as tips that will help you while you wait.

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